Stock clearing – Friday Deal

As part of our transformation for 2016, we are clearing some of our general PC builds. We are hoping to give some great value machines with the latest Windows 10 Professional. This means the hardware is used equipment which has been checked, and further re-installed with Windows. The specification will vary but generally better than advertised.

Friday Posting Deal

Windows 10 pro for £150


Terms & Conditions Apply. We can arrange delivery and install at a separate cost. This cost is for 1 PC Tower only and does not include Install or Delivery costs. Reservations can be requested by email before Sunday 6th December. If any of our commercial customers are looking for more than 10, we can offer an additional 10% discount.

Value PCS!

We have some great deals coming your way for Christmas.

These value PC line 1102 are refurbished PC towers which are checked for quality against our quality control matrix. All include Windows 10 Professional.


Setting up emails on Outlook 2010

Often we get asked how to setup Outlook to our dedicated email customers. Lucky for you it is actually very simple!

The most important details to get correct are:

Email & Username field is always:
Incoming / outgoing servers are:
Password: The password given by your administrator for that particular account

We are giving you an example on Outlook 2010 today, clients do vary but these instructions should help on the entire series.

1) Open Outlook 2010, continue to the next stage


2) Select ‘Yes’ to continue


3) Select ‘Manual configure server settings or additional types’


4) Select ‘Internet E-mail’


5) This is the configuration screen. We recommend using IMAP over POP.

Your name should be how you want your emails to come out as, usually a persons name or a company name.

Username is always full email address.

Our mail server address is


6) Before you continue, select ‘More Settings’ and then find your way to ‘Outgoing Server’


Make sure ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ is selected.

7) Select ‘Advanced’ and ensure encrypted connection is set with ‘Auto’


Push OK.

8) Select ‘Next’ this should complete the process.

If there are no errors and the account has been added successfully, you will see the following message:


Any problems please contact support.