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Sco UK LTD trading as Sco Computers is an established IT support firm which offers its services in IT support for domestic clients and commercial businesses. In the beginning of launching Sco Computers we worked closely with clients all around Northamptonshire to gain valuable information to what they would expect from an outstanding IT support service. With the information we gained from feedback on IT support services we implemented the factors into our service to improve the standard we would deliver.

In the beginning we set out an aim to create a dynamic support system that could be implemented on any computer or laptop which could be accessed at any point the client would need IT support. Having this product created and marketed, we found that clients found the system outstanding as they could benefit from having the service at the touch of a button.

SCO Computers gained valuable experience and knowledge in working alongside a scaffolding company based in Northampton (Sterling Scaffolding Northampton) which we tested within the company. This proved to be a success as the IT support structure became a core element of the company and even went on to creating an online presence with the help of the IT support system in place.

Today companies spread all over Northamptonshire use Sco Computers for IT support service as over the years of being opened we gained a valuable and outstanding reputation amongst small to medium sized businesses. Our clients portray our services as quick, efficient and professional and would highly recommend our services to any company looking for a reliable IT support service.

We pride ourselves on being customer serviced focused as we believe each client is unique and has different levels of knowledge in the technology industry. We take our time with clients and introduce our services in a professional and friendly manner; we also travel to clients for consultations so we can present our services in the clients preferred environment.

Here at SCO we think it is important to provide a successful service using the right tools and technology and of cause to keep the quality of work in line with the budget. Majority of clients we have worked with have appraised the company on the factors that it works out of office hours unlike high street competitors and that they truly tailor create their business needs. At SCO we create the product above all expectation giving clients the ultimate satisfactory and confidence in our services.

Sco Computers is very proud to work alongside numerous businesses around Northamptonshire. We provide IT support because it is our passion and we can enjoy working alongside creative minds in the industry. We pride ourselves on our IT creations and creating profitable solutions for companies to transform into the modern age of technology

Discuss your computer needs with one of our IT technical support specialists and we’ll come up with a solution to suit your business and budget.

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